Saturday, January 15, 2005

The Carol and Steve Show: Episode 3 - Workout

A change of scenery for Carol and Steve as they drive to the health club in the Beetle.

Why does it look so white when you look out the car window? An exposure issue with my Canon S400 that I used to shoot this episode.

Nice shot in the rear view mirror. I was watching an old episode of Curb Your Entusiasm for guidance on how to use music in the show, and saw a very similar rear view mirror shot.

Podcasts mentioned in this episode:
Adam Curry's Daily Source Code
The Dawn and Drew Show
The Chris Pirillo Show

The total time for all these podcasts was 4.6 hours. That's becuse Chris Pirillo's first show was three hours long. Hey Chris, you've got to send out your shows in little chunks.


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