Monday, February 21, 2005

Shoveling is Fun

Boston was hit with another snowstorm today. We had fun though, going outside to shovel with Carol's mom!

Production Notes:
This video was shot with my Canon S400. I imported the .avi files into Final Cut Pro, and then resized each of them to fill the frame. You've got to turn on Image+Wireframe AND Title Safe. Then you click open each clip and then click and drag it to fill the frame.

Next, I edited all the segments together and exported the movie.

Then I imported the movie into Soundtrack and added the music. After that, I exported the music as a .aif file and imported that into FCP.

Once in FCP, I adjusted the levels for the music.

Finally, I exported the completed movie, opened it with Sorenson Squeeze, and exported a final .mov file.

Once that was complete, I droped the file into my vblogcentral client, and vblogcentral then created versions in QuickTime, Windows ands Real. When completed, the resulting video was posted here.


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