Friday, May 27, 2005

Mom on iChat

Here's my mom on her first video iChat!

She's talking to my friend Joshua.


Anonymous BBT said...

Dear Steve,
A recent viewer of vlogs now for 3 weeks, I feel I've develop a group of acquaintances, shall I put it, that I get to keep up with-- though now yet sharing with.

I've viewed the teleconference the group has been having, and several of the participants vlogs and such.

But I do want to say that it has been a treat to see your enthusiasm and constant cheery face on my screen. You really make people enjoy themselves more I think.

Also, you mom, let alone your interactions with her are heart warming. My mom has recently been getting acquainted with computers and the email thing since starting a new job, and of course it's been my duty to help her with it. She's gotten the email down. Next step is more fluid understanding of the internet and what you can do with it. AND, of course, maybe not vlogging (she's more conservative), but definitely chatting on video with families we have around the world is next.

Thanks for your excitement. I've enjoyed your presence.


11:36 PM  

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