Monday, July 18, 2005

30 - The Porch Part 2

The Carol and Steve Show: Episode 30 - The Porch, Part 2
In part one we assembled the sprayer. In this episode we and pour in the chemicals, protect the plants with some old tablecloths and wash the deck.

This is what we are using in this first step:
No. 62 Multi-Surface Deck-Prep? Cleaner & Mildew Stain Remover
A Certified Biodegradable interior/exterior cleaner, specifically formulated to remove mildew stains, algae, fungus and grime stains on contact. It cleans dirt and stains while lightening old, weathered wood. Removes mildew stains quickly and easily. This product is ready-to-use with no mixing required and is easy to clean up...just use water.
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Tune in next week when we spray the chemicals on the porch.

"Mundane is the new punk rock." Chuck Olsen


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