Tuesday, September 06, 2005



Here's a new crop of videoblog posts that I found interesting.

Thanks for all the great feedback in comments and via email about Episode 1 of Vlog Soup. It encouraged me to put together Episode 2.

What I do to create this episode is watch a bunch of recent vlogs using FireANT, then when I see one I find interesting I 'flag' it.

After gather up a number of videos, I click and drag them in a folder. Then I import them into Final Cut Pro and select a representative section to highlight.

Next, I line up all the clips on the timeline and then, to save time, I record an intro to each one, direct to disk, using Sorenson Squeeze.

I recorded all the intros without checking each one and after I was done, I saw that a few of them had some capture problems. These problems make the intros look a little like the old Max Headroom. I like it! So instead of re-recording them, I'm leaving them as is...

It'll probably be tricky to recreate that effect for next time... We'll see...

Here's are the videos and vlogs that I've highlighted in this episode:

Reheating Pizza
I'd watch Annie reheat anything.

New Shoes
Interesting way to hightlight a new purchase using stop-motion.

Crash Test Kitchen
Cabbage Roll
They go through a lot of work to cook a meal, on the road, in the dark.

Cafe Siena
I'd Like to be under the sea
Impressive graphics.

Diggnation is hot. First a podcast and now a vlog, with computers AND beer!

Kong Is King
Groundbreaking behind the scenes vlog about the new King King movie. Now if they'd only add RSS 2.0 with enclosures...

The Last Minute
Pro War Guy
Quick glimpse of the reception that citizen journalists get in the field.

Katrina - A dramatization and a fly over
Rocketboom is a daily news vlog out of NYC. I'm the Boston correspondent.

The Chlorine Mermaid
An example of an artistic vlog. I lost track of the URL for this one...

Drinking with Bob - Sent in by Jay Dedman...
Tell us what you really think!

Himena and Juan - Living with Fallas
My favorite new couple's vlog. This couple's vlog reminds me of my own Carol and Steve Show. It's real, and funny. Nice editing.

Do you have a videoblog that you'd like featured on Vlog Soup? Have you seen a video that you want me to watch? Send me an email.

steve [ AT ] stevegarfield.com

Check out my videoblog at stevegarfield.com

Thanks for watching...

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