Saturday, October 29, 2005

Vlog Soup: Episode 7

In this week's Vlog Soup I resisted the urge to dress up in Halloween costumes.

Here are my favorite vlogs of the week.
Chasing Windmills
Reality TV. Is it real. Reality Vlogs. Are they real? Watch these video and decide for yourself. I'm remonded pf Woody Allen while watching. Plus a little Larry David.

Quality Time
That's quality time?

Cabin Fever


Last Cigarette
One Thousand Dreams
Video blog posts can be creative too. This is a nice example of combing type with video.

Where did you dreams go?

Andy Carvin is in Bangladesh for a government Internet policy conference in relation to the World Summit on the Information Society.

Rickshaw traffic
Move On: How Many More
What is Josh
Smart kids are blowing up stuff in backyards, and it's a good thing.

Harnessing the power of chemistry.
Eric Rice is experimenting with unique ways to mount cameras on his Slackstreet production vehicle over at Backstaging.

Screen Test: Vehicle mounted camera
A short, four-minute screen test of mounting a camera to a vehicle (a truck, but any car will do) with a heavy duty suction-cup mount from ChaseCam.

Presidio: Officers' Row
Adam Curry sends out his first video podcast. It's a visual tour of the Curry Condo. Daily Source Code listeners - Is it hte way you pictured it in your mind?
Holland Wilde presents video examples for discussion about visual communication on television at
Cultural Farming. [ NSFW ] You've got to look past the images to get to the content.

Direct link to Holland and Wilma video.

It's all about him.

Or is it?
A response:

One Thousand Dreams
Why Do I Videoblog?
Evan Williams is calling some videobloggers Casual Content Creators.
Casual Friday
Takes on school dress codes


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