Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Vlog Soup: Episode 9

This is Vlog Soup!
Josh Leo
Zach Braff Video Blog Post on his Garden State blog.

Comments (1099) Wow!
Gabe Mac
Police State in Amsterdam
Daniel Liss
I'm Home Sick Today
Andrew Baron of Rocketboom sends a link to the Yahoo! Videoblogging list of the first motion picture ever made.
Produced by Louis Aime Augustin Le Prince at Roundhay House, Leeds, UK some time before October of 1888.

Then Daniel Liss remixes it, roundhay remix.
Living with Fallas has a new address and feed
Mac TV One Minute Tips each week

One Minute Tip hosted by John Chambers.
one minute tip on iPhoto
The Weblog Project
The first open source, FREE, grassroots movie to support and promote the blogosphere
where featured stars, producers, fundraisers and actors are the bloggers themselves.

What is a blog?

Robert Scoble explains, what is a blog.

Alex Lindsay - MacBreak Minute EXPLAINS RSS.

Everybody is explaining it...

Found on this IPTV Listing site:
www.ehrensenf.de - Gadgets
Vote for your favorite videoblog at The Weblog Awards.

Video blogs are included this year and that lead me to find some new videoblogs including bloggingheads.tv

Here Robert Wright is talking with Mickey Kaus about Iraq.
Thanks for watching Vlog Soup!


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