Saturday, May 06, 2006

Vlog Soup Episode 13

Hooray For Funn
Rich Pav is Herro Flom Japan

Walking To Work: The Movie
I recently bought a $400 video camera and a $400 wireless mic for work and needed to test it out, so what better way than to use it for purely personal reasons, right? It's almost like getting paid to videoblog.
Joi Ito TV
ABC News Podcasts

No blog, no permalinks, no place for comments.

They are on iTunes and have a podcast over there, but I'd like to go listen to a specific show with my browser.

Checking out the source of the XML file I can grab the URL of the episode I want:

Daily Internet Talk Show

The Young Turks

Their LA Times write-up.
Rynaldo Papoy sent in an email asking to add him to the soup. at and check my video.
Girl with a Movie Camera.
Port City PD

Mysteries of the tv show Lost reveal themselves in its commercials.
Ze Frank - The Show.


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