Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Recreating a scene from Office Space

The ease with which this program allows you to record and post video to
the web gives me a glimpse into the future where lots of people will be
making shorts video clips and posting them on the web.

It's going to be just like when MacWrite and MacPaint came out in 1984.
Everyone went crazy with all kinds of fonts and graphics.

We'll just be going crazy with all types of creative videos. Finding
our voices. Being creative with tools that enable us to share our
vison and our stories.

Just like I'm doing. Sitting here. Talking to my video camera. While
others are outside. Going to plays and meetings.

Hey, I love this kind of stuff.


Anonymous R d Mercer said...

dude, your view on office space is tormenting

9:47 PM  

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