Monday, March 07, 2005

Lighting Regulations

John Tobin requested a hearing to discuss exterior lighting and lighting regulations in the city.
We've had more and more complaints from residents that have experienced excessive lighting and sometimes this is refered to overlighting or light pollution.

It has an adverse effect on neighbors.

A lot of cities across the United States have confronted similar type issues.

It's happening more and more often. A lot of these condos are lit up light Fenway Park so I'd like to have a hearing scheduled as soon as possible.


Blogger RealEstateCafe said...

Wow, Steve how timely!!!

How can I link to this post from the new auction countdown blog at

One of the remarkable things about this property is that is enjoys a wilderness settting at the foot of Silver Hill in Lincoln, Massachusetts, -- just 20 minutes from downtown Boston -- where it is so dark you can see shooting stars at night.

No exaggeration. We hosted an Earth Day party on April 22, 2001 -- that's right, four years ago -- and sure enough, the annual April Lyrids meteor shower produced the natural fireworks display we had promised guests.

Wonder if anyone in the US has ever hosted an open house at night to let potential buyers see how much or how little light pollution there is?

Although this might hurt some property's as you video clip documents, open house after dark might be an incredible way to showcase one of the extraordinary buyer premiums at 40 Weston Road in Lincoln.

Bill Wendel
The Real Estate Cafe

12:05 AM  

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