Wednesday, June 01, 2005

vlogs on akimbo

I've gotten a few requests from people to show my new Akimbo box which lets you watch the internet form your tv set.

Let's check it out.

Look, there I am, it says the Carol and Steve Show, and there it is. We're going to watch the Carol and Steve Show on TV and see what it looks like. There it is.

[ watches some of the show ]

So there it was. It's pretty exciting to see my video blog on tv.

I always thought that putting a video blog on tv defeats the purpose because then you're gonna loose the ability to post comments or click back to the web site.

But Josh Goldman from Akimbo brought up a good point, what's it like when you download a podcast and it goes on your ipod. You can't coment or link back. So it's just playing hte media on a differnet device.

With Akimbo it's letting more people see what viceo bloggers are up to and maybe we'll bet more video bloggers out of it.

Look at that Rocketboom for June 1st. Let's play that and watch it on TV.

[ watches some of Rocketboom ]

There's a little glimpse of what video blogs on tv look like.

Let me know what you think.


Blogger Clark ov Saturn said...

Hi Steve!
That's very cool to see the vlogs on TV. You can really see people more life-sized that way. Then go back and make comments on the computer. I don't think people will stop leaving comments or drop their computers for these, they will just make it so you can watch things full screeen instead of 320x240...

Also, thanks for linking to my feed, but I did want to let you know I changed it, as I was experimenting and having some difficulties. The feed is now:


9:49 AM  

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