Thursday, September 15, 2005

Vlog Soup: Episode 3

Thanks for watching Vlog Soup Episode 3.

I've still got a lot of unwatched videos in my queue. Here are some of the ones that stood out recently.


Visit the vlogs and leave comments . Tell them you saw their vlog featured on Vlog Soup.
David Huth
Blogging makes him happy
Dave gets a new toy.
Vlog Post: New Toy

A new toy arrives in the mail and the cat likes the box it came in best.

Also check out these two other posts of his:

What I did over summer vacation

Extraordinary things

Amy from Amyville
80's guy

Gabe Mac interviews Josh Kinberg in Central Park

Chris Weagel shows us the feelings of ONE teacher in Michgan

HD Videoblog
The Habrek, pt 4


Home movie night

Note: I had to replace the sound on this onebecause it was too soft.

Channel 9
Robert Scoble interviews Bill Gates

Scoble says, "Well, OK, I interviewed him with my trusty Panasonic camcorder. No video crew. No audio crew. No lighting crew. Just me and Bill."
Robert Cringely interviews Andy Hertzfeld

Revolution in The Valley (Hardcover)
by Andy Hertzfeld

The Last Minute
Semacodes are JapanAwesome

Note: I had to replace hte natural sound since it didn't transfer into Final Cut Pro.

via [ we make money not art ]

"MYSQ (My Style So Qute) is an interactive "video booth" for shooting 30-second movies that can be viewed on mobile phones."

Universal Studios
King Kong Videos

Here's the link to the 15 Weeks to Go video courtesy of Peter Jackson's video blog for King Kong.

Who got it from:

Official Movie Site


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