Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Vlog Soup 15

Jeff Jarvis
Participatory Journalism
An Inconvenient Truth


David Pogue

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Submarine (featuring Lisa Rein)
By Briareus

Technical notes:
I had to use iSquint to get the files from H.264 to .mp4 after trying to do it with Sorenson didn't work. It might have been a settings issue, but the conversion overnight in Sorenson didn't allow importing.

iSquint was REALLY fast and made some nice mp4's for me to import into FCP.

Note to self: Change Quicktime Pro recording options from H.264 to something else.

Still frame.
Capturing a still frame on the MacBook Pro 17" gave me a capture that when brought into FCP was all pixelated. So I changed my screen resolution to a lower resolution and the screen caps looked better.

The CNN footage was m4v and that kept crashing FCP so I had to go back to iSquint and transcode that too into mp4

Trying to keep the show down to a manageable length so I can do more frequent shorter shows, but at this rate, no matter what I do, it still takes a long time to get each show done. This one only has three clips and it took all day!


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