Monday, July 24, 2006

Vlog Soup: Episode 16

Thanks for coming by to watch episode 16 of Vlog Soup. This week it's FUNNY.

We start off with my friends Juan and Ximena, They are AMAZING, then some OFFICE fans have their own Dunder Mifflin SD OFfice Party in San Diego, next Tristin Homer and his two roomates watch The Game. There's a special treat for you if you go visit their blog and look at the video comment I left for them. Next up it's Borat! You gotta love him. I do. It's a preview for his new movie. I know it's not a vlog, but it's funny! After that my firend Jerry takes a trip to Gettysburg.

Bonus footage is a new video from Amanda Congdon! Enjoy!
Vlog 41: Living with Fallas
Episode 28: I Like the Way you Move

Juan and Ximena
Dunder Mifflin SD Office Party
Watching the Game!!! This is one of the funniest videos I've seen in a long time.

From Podcast of my discontent.

That's by Tristin Homer

who also works with Dan Meisener on the Jim Dupree Enthusiast videos.

One interesting thing is that this video is also on YouTube which has a very sweet video comments system.
Borat Movie
This is not a vlog
It is just video on a web page
No Permalink
No reverse chronilogical order


The prime ministry of information has decided to send borat to the US AND A, WHY?
It's Jerrytime!
Strange Trip

Amanda Unboomed
Where Are They Now?


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